Haw By Night
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+ Comments Haw By Night - 28-10-2006 00:28:26
I was walking near Westminster late last night and decided to pay Mr. Haw a visit. Due to my previous experience, I wasn't expecting him to be particularly friendly. I approached him and one of the first things he asked me is whether the person with me is my brother or boyfriend. He then said something along the lines of 'I hope he takes good care of you - I like to know that nice young ladies are being looked after'. What a contrast from my last visit to him! He said he approved of him and that he trusted his own judgement! We got talking about the 'arseholes' and 'bastards' in Parliament as he called them, and I asked him whether he receives much abuse from people. He told me that he has encountered racism but at the same time has been approached by supportive people; he emphasised those from middle-eastern countries who have been particularly friendly. I really enjoyed my midnight chat with Brian - it certainly takes a hell of a lot of determination to have camped out 24/7 in front of Parliament, for the past 5 years, and still be doing it. I wonder how many people would walk past him at midnight and strike up a friendly conversation..