Swami Ramdev II
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+ Comments Swami Ramdev II - 19-07-2006 13:51:00
Ilford, London 20th July, 2006 This is Swami Ramdev, hailed as the greatest ambassador of yogic traditions. He's extremely well-known in and around India for being a yoga guru and for 'curing' many. This was the first time he came to the UK, and he held a Yoga camp for people to take part in, while he demonstrated his skills, and attempted to 'help' people. I was asked to take pictures for the Hindu Voice so I went along and was quite amused by what I saw. People were almost treating him as a god, and asking him to 'heal' their children/loved ones. Are photojournalists meant to remain neutral when taking pictures? I would personally prefer to remain neutral on this issue, but it's somewhat hard. Tickets for the event ranged from £70 to £500, which seemed rather ridiculous, especially considering that this was meant to be related to the teachings of Yoga and Hinduism, which promotes equality, regardless of wealth etc. This article explains more. Other shots of mine can be found here. Taken with my crappy compact digi.