Bin Laden vs Chav
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+ Comments Bin Laden vs Chav - 29-04-2006 17:53:36
Love Music Hate Racism Event - 29th April, 2006 - Trafalgar Square, London This was taken at an anti-racism gig which was a bit of a farce in my opinion. The crowd was mosty made up of drunk indie-wannabe teen posers, and chavs, like this guy who was gallivanting around in a Bin Laden mask and looking rather suave with his bling. This is the first time I've seen anyone with a Bin Laden mask, and I found it hilarious, more so because a) it was rather ironic and b) no one seemed to notice him (probably because they were all drunk out of their minds). He was darting all over the place and wouldn't stay still so this was the best shot I managed to get.